15 Woodworking Podcasts You Can't Miss

This blog post has been updated for 2023.   Post also available on the BUSINESS FOR MAKERS Podcast here.

The beauty of podcasts is how it strikes a balance in my brain; it is casual enough that I do not have to devote too much brain-space to follow along, but engaging enough that it doesn’t lose my attention. It is entertainment for when I drive, exercise, or sand -- without sacrificing my focus! Anyone else caught themselves standing next to their workbench watching TV rather than actually, you know, working? That’s the power of Netflix, I suppose. Podcasts, however, don’t kick my brain into sensory overload! It’s just the audio. I don’t need my Bosch router with a ⅝” roundover bit to knock off an edge, when a hand plane will do.

And let’s be honest, over a year of Zoom meetings, binge watching shows (remember Tiger King?), and feeling stuck at home, audio entertainment is the way to complement taking more walks outside and spending more time working with our hands on real, physical projects in the garage. And the podcasts can follow me wherever I go -- from my headphones to car stereo to the smart speakers in my house! So I don’t feel compelled to just sit in one place for hours. I can fill in time I would otherwise passively waste by actively searching out news, getting industry updates, or getting answers to woodworking questions.

Other people feel the same. As of April 2021, there are over 2 million podcasts and over 48 million episodes. 55% of the US population (155 million people) has listened to a podcast. 37% (104 million) listen to podcasts at least every month, while 24% (68 million) listen to podcasts weekly. There is a huge appetite for audio entertainment. And everyone, including the community of woodworkers and makers, are providing it.

Which leads us to the growing segment of woodworking podcasts. Of course, not all woodworking podcasts are created equal. Thankfully, regardless of your woodworking skill level, there’s a woodworking podcast to inform and entertain you. While many hosts strive to add value through listener Q&A, industry expert interviews, and updates of their own woodworking projects, you’ll find some that focus primarily on the business aspects of running a woodshop, or the virtues of hand tools and building with your hands, or even a high level discussion on the philosophy of creativity. And if your interest is just kicking back and having a good laugh, you will find that also. Here is our list of the more popular woodworking podcasts.

Another Woodshop Podcast

Hosts: Daniel Dunlap (@danieldunlap.woodworks), Mike Coffey (@coffeycustombuilds) and Pete Capar (@ptreesworkshop)

About Podcast: Although it’s a serious weekly review of what's on their bench, upcoming projects, and voicemail questions answered, antics will ensue and laughter is guaranteed. You may need a notepad to keep up with the inside jokes and references to past episodes. 

Website: https://anotherwoodshoppodcast.buzzsprout.com/

Primary Focus: Humor, Weekly review of their woodworking businesses, Weekly Q&A of Woodworking topics

Frequency: 1 episode per week 

Broadcasting Since: March 2020

Why I Listen:  Funniest hour of my week!


Hosts: Adam Mackey (@makermackey), Grant Alexander (@the_grant_alexander) and Morley Kert (@morleykert)

About Podcast: Discussion of a wide variety of maker topics including woodworking, leatherworking, digital fabrication as well as their thoughtful considerations regarding creativity, work processes, efficiency and life in general. 

Website: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/clamp/id1510651871

Primary Focus: Creativity and Mindset of a Maker

Frequency: 1 episode per week 

Broadcasting Since: April 2020

Why I Listen:  Makes me think about WHY I do what i do

Live Edge

Hosts: Matt and Amy Outlaw (Mrs. 731) (@731woodworks)

About Podcast: Discussion of a variety of woodworking topics, focusing primarily on helping new woodworkers, and established ones grow their woodworking business. Weekly Live Youtube Show includes answering Q&A and Giveaways. 

Website: https://www.731woodworks.com/731-blog/liveedge

Primary Focus: Business of woodworking, techniques, listener Q&A

Frequency: 1 episode per week 

Broadcasting Since: December 2020

Why I Listen:  Part informational, part inspirational

Making It

Hosts: Jimmy Diresta (@jimmydiresta), Bob Clagett (@iliketomakestuf) and David Picciuto (@drunkenwood).

About Podcast: Three different makers with different backgrounds discuss their current projects, creativity, content creation, design and maybe go-cart talk.

Website: https://www.makingitpodcast.com/

Frequency: 1 episode per week 

Why I Listen:  Discussion of advanced woodworking topics and advanced solutions to problems

Modern Woodworkers Association Podcast 

Hosts: Dyami Plotke (@DyamiPlotke), Sean Wisniewski (@SeanW78) and Kyle Barton of the Modern Woodworkers Association

About Podcast: Hosts cover woodworking news, updates on their woodworking projects, and interviews with industry experts.   Topics and interviews cover more advanced woodworking topics.

Website: https://modernwoodworkersassociation.com/podcasts

Frequency: 1 episode per week

Broadcasting Since: February 2012

Why I Listen:  Interviews with professional and advanced woodworkers



Shop Sounds Podcast

Hosts: Nick Key (@Keywoodworks), Jason Hibbs (@BourbonMoth), and Keith Johnson (@KJSawdust)

About Podcast: They call themselves a woodworking podcast about nothing. Discussion includes a whitty brand of humor, some occasional woodworking talk, and often some enlightening woodworking industry interviews. 

Website: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/shop-sounds-podcast/id1514814400

Primary Focus: Humor, Weekly review of their woodworking businesses

Frequency: 1 episode per biweekly 

Why I Listen:  Super funny, with a few woodworking tips

Shop Talk Live - Fine Woodworking

Hosts: Fine Woodworking contributors

About Podcast: Fine Woodworking magazine editors and contributors answer your questions and share more advanced woodworking tips and techniques on the podcast and accompanying YouTube video. Topics include magazine updates, industry interviews and listener Q&A .

Website: https://www.finewoodworking.com/blog/shop-talk-live

Primary Focus: Advanced woodworking techniques, industry interviews, listener Q&A

Frequency: 1 episode every 2 weeks

Broadcasting Since: March 2012

Why I Listen:  I feel a little smarter after I listen, and then remember I’m not very good.

ShopNotes Podcast

Hosts: John Doyle, Logan Wittmer, and Phil Huber from Woodsmith magazine

About Podcast: Hosts share what they're working on, lessons learned, shop stories, behind-the-scenes news at Woodsmith, interviews and listener Q&A.

Website: https://www.woodsmith.com/magazine/

Primary Focus: Weekly update of their woodworking projects and common woodworking issues. 

Frequency: 1 episode per week 

Broadcasting Since: January 2020

Why I Listen:  They give me confidence to try advanced techniques I have no business attempting.

The American Craftsman Podcast

Hosts: Greene Street Joinery

About Podcast: Discussions include listener Q&A, Tool of the Week, furniture design, how to operate a woodshop business.

Website: https://www.greenestreetjoinery.com/

Primary Focus: Woodworking business, tools and techniques.

Frequency: 1 episode per week 

Broadcasting Since: September 2020

Why I Listen:  Just a couple guys shooting it straight when they answer listener questions and talk about their woodshop business

The Mortise & Tenon Podcast

Hosts: Michael Updegraff and Joshua Klein of Mortise & Tenon Magazine

About Podcast: Podcast is the accompanying audio to Mortise & Tenon Magazine (mortiseandtenonmag.com). Discussions include the history and techniques of fine furniture making, appreciation of pre-industrial craftsmen, hand tools and techniques. 

Website: https://www.mortiseandtenonmag.com/

Primary Focus: History of hand tool use and techniques, behind the scenes of magazine publication

Frequency: 2 episodes per month 

Why I Listen:  Discussion of topics I never think about in my fast paced digital world, which makes it so interesting.

The Woodpreneur Podcast

Host: Steve Larosiliere (@acresoftimber)

About Podcast: Steve interviews successful entrepreneurs in the business of sawmills, furniture making, and the woodworking industry. Discussion is on operating and marketing, origin stories and business growth. Questions regard their day-to-day decision making process, what equipment they purchased, and what their biggest success has been, as well as Steve offering marketing suggestions to his guests.

Website: https://www.woodpreneurlife.com/

Primary Focus: Business of Woodworking, weekly interview

Frequency: 1 episode per week 

Broadcasting Since: September 2016

Why I Listen:  The business of woodshops is the type of discussion I gravitate toward, even though I don’t have a woodshop business, so there’s that….

The Woodworking Network Podcast

Hosts: Will Sampson, Editorial Director of the Woodworking Network.

About Podcast: Will Sampson: “Lots of woodworking podcasts talk about making sawdust. We talk about making money. Most professional woodworkers start their businesses without formal business training. We’re giving them audio access to business experts, inspiration, and a chance to hear how often other successful woodworking pros have done it”. Rather than covering the woodworking techniques already reviewed by other podcasts, Will displays his extensive knowledge of running the business, from bidding and estimating costs, technology, customer service, and best practices, to government regulations and tariffs. For various topics, Will takes you on a brief history of how we got here, and where we may be going. His weekly guests are business owners offering a real world perspective 

Website: https://www.woodworkingnetwork.com/

Primary Focus: Business of Woodworking

Frequency: 1 episode every 2 weeks

Broadcasting Since: January 2020

Why I Listen: I feel like Will has forgotten more woodworking business knowledge than I will ever know 

Wood Talk

Hosts: Marc Spagnuolo (@woodwhisperer), Shannon Rogers (@renaissancewoodworker), and Matt Cremona (@mattcremona)

About Podcast: 3 woodworkers just hanging out, while woodworking talk accidentally breaks out. Hosts update their current woodworking projects, listener voicemal Q&A, and possibly get distracted by shiny objects. 

Website: https://www.woodtalkshow.com/

Frequency: 1 episode every 2 weeks 

Broadcasting Since: April 2007

Why I Listen:  Hilarious conversations among industry icons, and thoughtful answers to more advanced questions.

Woodshop Life Podcast

Hosts: Guy Dunlap (@guyswoodshop), Huy Huynh (@alabamawoodworker) and Sean Walker (@simplecove)

About Podcast: Discussion is no-nonsense detailed information, with heavy emphasis on listener Q&A, woodworking techniques and tool selection.

Website: https://www.woodshoplifepodcast.com/

Primary Focus: Listener Q&A, tools and techniques

Frequency: 1 episode every 2 weeks 

Broadcasting Since: September 2018

Why I Listen:  Straight facts, no funny business

Woodworkers Podcast

Hosts: Ben Brunick (@chalkstonewoodworking), Philip Morley (@philipmorleyfurniture) and Ramon Valdez (@ramonartful) 

About Podcast: Hosts and professional woodworkers discuss the issues faced in the woodshop business, detailed techniques and tool selection. “ We love helping other woodworkers, showcasing some extraordinary talent out there and it’s just a great way to chat about all things woodwork related” according to Valdez.

Website: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/woodworkers-podcast/id1403405369

Primary Focus: Woodworking business, tools and techniques.

Frequency: 1 episode per month 

Broadcasting Since: June 2018

Why I Listen:  Great combo of woodworking discussion and the challenges of life.


Maker Conversations

Hosts: TIFF MARCHAND @NightCarverDesigns

About Podcast: Witty Banter with talented Makers from YouTube and Instagram.

Broadcasting Since: March 2022


Wooden It Be Nice

Hosts:  Travis Grandberg @thirdstallprojects  and Dillon Fawcett @fawcett_woodcraft 

About Podcast: They are not experts, but they want to be. Discussing the "wouldn't it be nices" of self-employed woodworking and way too many Office quotes

Broadcasting Since: January 2023




Thinking about starting your own podcast? 

I reached out to a few of these successful podcast hosts on social media and asked them “What’s your advice for a new podcaster?”

Grant Alexander of the CLAMP podcast said “If I could give one piece of advice to someone thinking about starting a podcast, make sure the first episode is solid. Don’t be afraid to re-record if the audio doesn't sound good or the quality is lacking. People looking for a new podcast often start at the beginning so make your first impression the best it can be.”

Regarding hosting platforms, Ramon Valdez of the Woodworkers Podcast suggests “There are many platforms to help launch and broadcast your podcast… the free ones are okay. But a paid-for subscription will perform much better. Spend a few hundred bucks.. It’s worth it to get decent mic/headphones for good quality audio.”

Like I said at the beginning, I love podcasts because they have a balance. They are not so convoluted or intense that I have to put down my sander to follow along. But they also keep me engaged with humor, news, or interesting content. Find your balance for your podcast.

Wrap Up

Next time you have an epic sanding schedule, or need to do 3 miles on the treadmill, consider trying a new podcast. There are tons of podcasts across several platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and more. I’m not the podcast police; you can skip episodes some weeks and keep your listening on a rotation among multiple podcasts. Find one that fulfills different niches you are interested in: industry news, woodworking comedy, project advice, interviews with master craftsmen, etc. You may just pick up a tip you didn’t know you needed!


25% of regular podcast listeners report listening at 1.5x or 2x normal speed. They know the value of their time!


  • Love it! Thanks for sharing, this would be a great resource for our carpenters since we specialize in timber framing and barn building!


  • Love it! Thanks for sharing, this would be a great resource for our carpenters since we specialize in timber framing and barn building!


  • Love this! Since we specialize in timber framing and barn building, this would be a great resource for me to share with the guys!



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