About Us

Welcome to George Supply Company 

Like you, we are a family business that works hard all week, and spends the weekends cutting grass, doing home improvements, making furniture, and creating crafts.  And maybe too much time on Instagram and Pinterest.   

After spending time in the Instagram Woodworking Community, I realized there was no shortage of makers looking to build their business, but unsure of the next steps.   And what little time they had to spare, was used to learn new woodworking techniques, not the latest techniques in marketing and building a business.  However, myself operating almost a dozen businesses currently, makes those techniques my strength.  And so I found my contribution to the #woodworkingcommunity and #woodworkersofinstagram.

I hope as our BUSINESS FOR MAKERS business resource library builds, and the services we offer expands, we can help woodshop owners achieve their dreams.

Special thanks to my son Brian for skillfully writing and editing my blog posts, Oli for their considerable graphic design talent, and of course my wife Katie and my entire family for supporting this effort.

And who's the George of George Supply?  My grandson George was with us just 1 day in 2015.  This is just another way of us keeping his memory alive.   We are sure many of you can relate, and our prayers are with you.

Should I have chosen a business name like BuildYourWoodshopBrand.com.  Yes, and experts say I should have.  But this time, my tribute to George seemed more important.

Thank you for visiting George Supply Company.  Please feel free to message me on Instagram, or hit the CHAT WITH US icon below if I can help in any way.

Scott Chervitz