Why did I introduce CA Glue?

Why did I introduce CA Glue?

Like you, I probably have enough going on.  Most likely, way too much..  Yet here I am, adding more.

So a little behind the scenes first.

At George Supply Company, 2022 was spent building the foundation of a company infrastructure that now spans an ecommerce website, a network of 50 affiliates, and multiple content distribution channels under the BUSINESS FOR MAKERS umbrella including the Newsletter, Blog and Podcast.

Now I’ll be utilizing that infrastructure to expand the brand and build sales.  The 2023 Sales Strategy includes not only incremental improvements in each of the systems listed above, but also a significant advancement in 3 categories.  These are 3 new product offerings focused directly at my audience of makers who want to turn their hobby into a business.

The first of these exciting new offerings is right now! 

The introduction of the new George Supply Company CA Glue.  I have selected a trusted manufacturer who provides CA Glue and Activator to many of the brands you are familiar with.   The initial assortment includes GSC-700 Medium, and GSC-5 Thin, as well as activator.  

So why have I launched a brand extension into professional grade Cyanoacrylate (CA) glue?  

Especially when there are large competitive brands like Starbond, Titebond and Stick Fast already in this market?

Here’s why:

  1. My audience uses a lot of CA Glue, and not everyone is committed to the Starbond brand. 
    1. Because we have a trusted supplier in the industry, our product quality competes with other brands you know and trust.
    2. As we are a small operation (ok it’s just me, and this computer), with frequent shipments directly to the customer, and not shipping to retailers who store inventory on a shelf, our product is fresher.
    3. Our inventory is stored cold, which is the recommended method to extend the life of the product
  2. In any market dominated by large brands, there is usually room for smaller, more nimble, low overhead brands to exist.
    1. I’ve made a career out of making quick decisions, and moving swiftly to get things done.  At George Supply Company, if I want to make changes, there are no zoom meetings with management or meetings with the legal team (unless you count my 9 year old grandson who insists on staying up to date with all things George Supply)
    2. So if we need to change the assortment, or available options, it just gets done quicker.
  3. Lower overhead also allows our brand to be competitively priced
    1. A core belief at George Supply is to keep the overhead as low as possible.
    2. Partly to keep prices as competitive as possible.
    3. Partly because my day job involves overseeing 400 employees.  That’s one category I’m NOT adding to.
  4. There may be CA Glue needs not met by other brands, like a custom viscosity, that we may be able to meet.
    1. As time goes on, we may be able to offer custom viscosities, additional colors, etc.
  5. I have a network of affiliates, and am actively seeking more, who can generate an additional revenue stream for themselves by promoting our brand of CA Glue.
    1. Similar to other brands, we are offering a 15% affiliate commission
    2. Nothing conveys trust to a potential customer, like another maker recommending a product, and answering questions about it.  This is essentially what this maker community is built on… helping others.
  6. Customers purchasing our CA Glue will be guided to our website, and exposed to our other product offerings, or the affiliate’s merch store.
    1. This additional traffic may lead to future sales of our other products, or the purchase of merch in the affiliate’s merch store.
    2. In this way, CA Glue serves as both a profit center, and a traffic generator at the top of our sales funnel.

Hopefully you can see why adding Cyanoacrylate (CA) glue fits both our brand, and provides a legitimate sales opportunity.  In conjunction with our brand of sanding discs, it allows us to support makers in new and exciting ways.



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Scott Chervitz is owner of George Supply Company, dedicated to helping woodshops build their brand. See more at GeorgeSupplyCo.com. You can reach him at Scott@GeorgeSupplyCo.com, on Instagram at @GeorgeSupplyCompany or Twitter @ScottChervitz

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