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Just like you’ve assembled the tools of your craft in your workshop, you need to assemble the tools of business in your own small business

-You're going to need business tools like a business plan. You probably already have a mental plan for where you want to take your workshop. So if you want to convert your workshop plan into a business plan, your free guide is here

-You're going to need legal tools like your corporate license and legal structure. Again, I have all the information you need to do it yourself here, or hire a professional here.

-And you're going to need marketing tools. Because if you aren’t making sales, it’s just a hobby, not a business.

You know how your workshop projects probably start with the basics like rough cutting lumber, and you don’t start with finish sanding everything with 320 grit?

In business you have to start with the basics of marketing, which is a Brand Strategy 

And in your business, you're going to have to work through the grits of tried and true marketing basics, like understanding your unique value proposition, clarifying your target audience, crafting compelling storytelling, creating persuasive copy, creating consistent social media content, and measuring your results.  

But you aren't looking for a degree in Marketing, so we only included actionable items that will help you build a successful MAKER business.

    You will find all this information in our BRAND STRATEGY COURSE SERIES.

    It has been designed specifically for makers like you who want to develop a strong brand identity and turn your small maker business into a flourishing enterprise.

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