First off…THANK YOU for your support with the sticker swap or with the posts on social media. This cause lives and breathes from the energy you help create!

What is this cause? Simply put, we are creating online connections and taking them offline in the form of meet-ups and work projects to improve our local communities. The core principle is to help beautify, build or rebuild local projects, through sharing of time, talent and resources.

How did this start? Scott @Eastys_Woodshop & Mac @Woodworks_By_Mac & Ken @DustyDadWoodworks met on Instagram and shared an idea. We asked, “What if we create local meet-ups with our online friends and do work projects like Habitat for Humanity? …Ahhhh YES!”

We then connected with Scott of @GeorgeSupplyCompany who loved the idea, helped with our logo, and supplied all the merch. You can see our storefronts on each of our Instagram Linktrees.

How can I get involved? A few of us are aiming for a community type project 2-4 times a year. You can do as much or as little as you are able, it’s totally up to you. You can help get the word out by sharing your community work projects on Instagram and use the #MakersForTheCause hashtag. Other ideas of how to get involved are:

The “Win Win” if you’re a maker with a logo. If you’re a maker and have a logo that brands your business, you can open a merch store with Scott @GeorgeSupplyCompany. The benefits of this print on demand affiliate site are; no merch to hold, no minimum order to buy and you receive 25% of sales. 

In additional you can add the #MakersForTheCasue logo on merch in your store. The Win Win is this, you can brand your business AND the cause at the same time. Simply wear your shirt during your event and let it spark some conversations!


If I don’t have time to do a workday event, can I still support this cause?

YES! First, follow the #MakersForTheCause hashtag on Instagram. Did you know you can follow hashtags? Search for #MakersForTheCause and hit the follow button. This way you can see all the action and engage with the posts. Second, you can purchase any merch through our storefronts and all profits from our #MakersForTheCause merch items go to local Habitat or another nonprofit community support programs. 

Do I need a logo to create shirts for my merch store?

No, you do not need to have your own logo or company of any kind. You can simply sign up for a storefront and promote the #MakersForTheCause logo and use the proceeds as you wish.

Can I use the merch store as a fundraiser?

Yes! As the storefront would be in your name you can use these funds as you wish.

Can I add the #MakersForTheCause merch to my existing merch line?

Yes! If you have an account with George Supply Company then you can add the #MakersForTheCause logo to any apparel. You can also get a 10% discount on your first purchase. 

If you don’t have an account, you can set one up for free and get your first shirt for free as well! The #MakersForTheCasue logo is currently exclusive to George Supply Company.

How do I create or get involved with local Meetups? 

There are several ways to build your community/network. Leverage your social media accounts and search Facebook groups. Find and attend local craft fairs or farmer’s markets. Call on your local habitat for humanity work groups. Contact your local church for their mission/outreach team as they often partner with neighborhood clean up or build programs.