George Supply Company GSC-B1000 Black Medium CA Glue

George Supply Company GSC-B1000 Black Medium CA Glue

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Our 2 oz GSC- B1000 Black Medium CA Glue is perfect for general repairs, filling knots and cracks in wood, and so much more.   The black tint is perfect for repairing dark wood like walnut.

Professional grade Cyanoacrylate (CA) glue, with medium viscosity, creates a long lasting bond on a wide variety of materials.  Bonds in 10-20 seconds.  

Available in medium dispensing tip size

Bottle is intentionally filled only 2/3 of capacity, to ensure controlled even flow through the nozzle.

To ensure safety, wear gloves, eye protection and mask.

Warning: Do not use on fabrics or clothing.

How does GSC-1000 work?

GSC-1000 cures (polymerize) best when pressed into a thin film in the presence on an alkali surface. Normal ambient humidity in the air and on the parts provide the proper pH to initiate curing in a few seconds. The best bond strengths occur when relative humidity is between 40-60% at 72°F. If the surfaces to be bonded are excessively dry or are acidic, the curing can be much slower. In these circumstances, the use of an accelerator is necessary. Generally the thinner the bond line, the faster and stronger the bond.


Is GSC-1000 or it's fumes toxic?

GSC-1000 adhesives are not toxic. The fumes from Cyanoacrylate adhesives can vaporize and do irritate sensitive membranes like eyes, nose and throat. When these fumes come in contact with moist surfaces they are immediately polymerized and become inert. They do not penetrate into human tissue.  Cyanoacrylates or their fumes are not carcinogenic and Cyanoacrylates are not made from cyanide.


How should I store GSC-1000 and how long will they last?

GSC-1000 is best stored in it's original container in a cold, dark, and dry location. For long term storage, GSC-1000 should be refrigerated or stored at temperatures below 50°F. The shelf life of GSC-1000 stored at room temperatures can be up to one year. If refrigerated, GSC-1000 can remain within specifications for up to two years.