3 Reasons It Might Be Time for Woodworkers to Return to Twitter

There is no denying the strength and comfort of our Instagram woodworking community.   Yesterday @dc.wood.working gave me a tip on installing shelves with pocket holes that made me wonder what I’ve been doing with my life.   Just one issue… your customers aren’t here.  They are out there on Etsy, and Google, and Facebook, and Twitter.   It’s just that the ones on Twitter don’t know they are your customers yet, because they haven’t seen your work.

After years of having no new features, while new social media channels appeared and innovated, Twitter is now ready to bring new products to the forefront and fight for your attention.

Why should you care?  Because maybe you have new customers tweeting away with no idea about your work.  And maybe it’s time they learn. Here are 3 reasons why it might be time for the woodworkers to return to Twitter.


Reason #1 - Twitter Fleets

Let’s start with Fleets.  Essentially what you would call Twitter stories.  Of course it’s already been done on Snap, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.  So no big deal right?  In an Interview by Nelay Patel on his Decoder Podcast with Kayvon Beykpour, Head of Consumer Products at Twitter, Beykpour says it’s important to note Twitter did not add Fleets to copy others, but rather to address a critical issue.

“A lot of people are terrified to tweet. A lot of people don’t use Twitter for the creation side at all. […] And Fleets felt like one […] product solution that can address some slice of that problem statement. It’s ephemeral, and it takes away the public replies. It takes away all the engagements.”

Take away the fear of rude discourse--and the fact they disappear in 24 hours--and maybe it’s time to tweet, er, Fleet again.  

For example, your Fleet can be an Instagram Story that shows behind the scenes.  Or a close up of new tems you’re adding to your Etsy store

Reason #2 - Twitter Spaces

With Clubhouse being so hot, Twitter is introducing Spaces, which you can use to speak in real time with new and existing customers!. Spaces are their take on audio only chat rooms.  It’s not available to everyone yet, but is expected to be by  April.  Think of it as an Instagram live event, but instead of viewers posting a comment, and the host awkwardly staring at the screen to read them, the host will be able to unmute you and hear your question or comment in real time and engage in a two-way conversation.

It’s all audio--no video--so you can be multitasking while taking in the event.  Spaces also presents an opportunity for a podcast host to field questions live.  Twitter is addressing the difficulties Clubhouse is having with inappropriate talk, by allowing the host to assign moderators to mute participants.  This will be new social media real estate.  You may want to be the first to stake your claim.

Imagine hosting a “Ask the Craftsman Anything” night for new woodworkers. Host a Q&A session related to your new product introduction.  Do a live interview with a fellow woodworker, or someone who has unique knowledge others need to know.  Or just host a Friday Night hang out.

Reason #3 - Tons of Other Features

There are some features introduced recently you may have missed.

  • Twitter Lists allows you to develop a list of, say, other woodworkers without having to follow them in your feed.  Then you simply click the list to see a feed of just those accounts.  Lists can be public or private, so you might want to be the first to create a list everyone else follows.   Here are some links to lists you might find helpful to get started.  Also, leave your twitter handle in the comments below, so we can add you to our Woodworking list for everyone to follow.
  • Twitter Polls allow you to add a poll, similar to other social channels, encouraging engagement.  Some poll ideas might include:
    • Favorite Tool Brand?
    • Pocket Holes:  Yes or No?
    • Where do you get your project ideas? Makers / Spouse / Magazine / Other
    • What are you working on this weekend? Honey Do List / Commissions / Inventory to Sell / Other
    • Which of these cutting board designs do you like best?
  • Tag Accounts allows you to tag up to 10 accounts in your photos.  Twitter is a favorite of politicians and journalists.  So tagging a magazine noted for writing articles on Best Fathers Day Gifts, when you post your whiskey and cigar tray, might be beneficial.
  • Pinning a Tweet allows you to keep a popular tweet to the top of your twitter profile indefinitely. So anyone who views your profile will see the pinned tweet first thing. Use this to advertise your newest product, direct users to your website, or answer a common question you are asked.
  • Twitter Search is a very powerful tool that allows you to search for a person, or a hashtag, like #woodworking.  There are a couple options for viewing your search results:
    • Top -- Lets you see the most popular tweets or tweets most engaged with related to your search. This can be useful to find popular accounts or research the kinds of tweets that people really engage with.
    • Latest -- Lets you see the newest and most recent tweets related to your search. This can be useful to stay up to date with information or find users who are currently talking (or recently talked) about whatever you are searching about.
    • People --  Lets you see accounts related to your search either because they are popular, their tweets are related to your search, or their profile names are related to your search. This can be useful to find other creators and potential customers.


There are woodworkers across the country and world who want to reach out and engage with each other and you. There are potential customers who want to get to know your company, you, and your products. Twitter is making it easy to connect with exactly the people who will drive engagement, attention, and ultimately, sales with tools like Fleets, Spaces, Polls, Lists, Search, Pin, and Tag.

Practical Take Away - One Step at a Time

Do you already have enough on your plate?  Probably, with all that sanding and such.  Can you find time to cultivate an audience--and possibly some customers--on Twitter?  That’s up to you.  But Twitter may have added some tools that make it worth your time.

Try just one of these options for a week and see what could happen:

  • Post a “Week in Review” Fleet on Friday or Sunday. What projects did you work on? Finish? Which projects are you struggling with? What obstacles or challenges did you overcome and how did you do it? Give people some encouragement and ideas for their weekend projects!
  • Create a poll on Monday or Tuesday asking your customers and followers for some input on a project, even if it is just to let them pick a paint color for your side table. The neon orange will look great with your wife’s farmhouse-style decor. Post a follow-up to show the end result and let the people know you listened!
  • Host a Spaces session Saturday morning or afternoon allowing your followers to ask for advice or help with their weekend projects. Make sure to advertise the hour(s) of your session throughout the week before so people know when to check in and show up! At the end, give your attendees something for their trouble, maybe a discount code you don’t advertise anywhere else. Imagine the relationships you would feel already established if you attended a Spaces session and it ended with “Starting tomorrow, enter code TOMSPLANTER25 for 25% off products on my website for the Month of May, including blueprints for a hanging planter for our friend Tom, who asked about it during our session today. Good luck Tom!

Scott Chervitz is owner of George Supply Company, a company dedicated to helping woodshop owners market and build their business.  Contact Scott at scott@georgesupplyco.com or on Twitter @ScottChervitz

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  • Wonderful article, very informative.. now to find the time to add Twitter back into the mix!


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